Winter Services

Don’s Affordable Landscape offers many winter services!

Snow plowing!  Need your property or driveway cleared?

Fast and Affordable!  Let Don’s Affordable Landscape safely remove snow and clear a path for you!

Roofing repairs and snow removal.

Whether your roof needs repairs from the wind storms, snow or normal wear and tear, let Don’s Affordable Landscape give you a quote first.  Don worked for his parents (Pro Roofing LLC) while growing up.  Many years of experience that you can trust to give you the best quote on exactly what you need!

Gutter cleaning, debris removal.

Keeping your gutters clean and free of debris is even more important during the winter months.  Clogged gutters can cause many problems.  Ice and snow cannot melt off correctly and will cause water to “wick” back up into your roof.  Having a debris free place for the ice and snow to melt can prevent that.

Clean up limbs on your trees before the snow breaks them!

With all of this wind, now is the time to get your limbs and branches cleaned up!  Snow and ice is very heavy.  Weak limbs and branches will give to the weight and break causing a dangerous situation to you and your family!  Higher branches and limbs are generally smaller in size and when broken will hit other branches, breaking the impact of their fall.  Cleaning up your trees will give you piece of mind!

Stump removal, debris clean up, limb removal!

The past two years has given our area quite the challenge!  Downed trees and branches have cause more damage to properties, other than the ice storm, than ever before!  Record winds and drought have compromised out beloved pines, and there’s a reason for that!  Pine trees and their families are low rooting trees.  Their core roots spread along the surface as opposed to growing deep into the soil.  Roots chase moisture and Firs and other trees, common to this area, have thinner roots which enables them to move through the thicker, deeper soil where the moisture is.  Pine (and the like) trees have thicker roots, require more water and therefore spread out along the surface.

This drought we have experienced the last three years hasn’t helped.  Our environment depends on our snow and it’s slow and steady run off.  Even our crops have suffered.  Pine trees and their roots depend on each other, their roots intertwine and help support each other, kind of like holding hands.  When one is weak and lets go, the others are weak as well.  Pine trees also have a greater chance at rotting, diseases and infestations.  Removing compromised trees, branches and limbs can help ensure that you and your family stay safe!






**Don’t forget to check out Spring services!**

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