Lawn And Sod

Did you know that a nice healthy lawn can affect a person’s mood?  Benefits of a healthy lawn Adding grass to an area can greatly reduce your stress level.  Not only can it affect your mood, but it has a


Consider taking that empty space and turning it into something magical!   Patios are a great way of transforming an area into something beautiful and useful.  Even a small area can be turned into a series of intimate outdoor rooms. 

Water Features

Add the soothing sound of nature to your backyard, patio, or property!  Water features like water fountains, wall fountains, bubblers and ponds are known to reduce stress and can also help reduce unwanted noises.  Reduce the sound of traffic in


Walkways and garden paths can add a charming addition to your yard or property.    Walkways and garden paths can be both decorative and practical!  No more worries about beaten down lawn! A walkway around your house can save your

Fire Pits

Add some ambiance to your patio and outdoor entertaining! It doesn’t have to be cold outside for you and your guests to enjoy a good fire.  And, just because you live in an area that may not allow free burns,

Retaining Walls

Take that unusable slope and turn it into something beautiful!  Retaining walls are not only functional, they can create an area of interest where there was none.  However, it’s not about just throwing up a wall.  A good landscaper knows